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We can't wait to see you, but we can't save you a seat. No reservations, just come on in.
Best Panda Violence by Washington City Paper. Beer with a view.
64 ounces of beer to go. Share the love.
Well-made beer deserves well-made food. Lucky for you we have both.
The taps are right here. The beers are made on the other side of the wall.
The man responsible for the balance and soul of our beers
Welcome to

Right Proper Brewing Company

Located in historic Shaw in Washington, DC, we’re a brewery and restaurant serving an eclectic range of house-made ales. We are crazy for yeasts, passionate about our beer, our food, our staff and our community. When you come in for dinner, you’ll find casual American food with a nod to Southern comfort. And you’ll be in a place that is fun, laid back and affordable. You’ll drink beer made with heart and soul. We are a right proper brewery.

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Right Proper

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